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Brandywine Battlefield offers a variety of programs that actively involve students in order to increase their knowledge of history while ensuring that the students have fun and meet curriculum standards all at once. Our programs are always presented by knowledgeable Brandywine Battlefield Educators & Interpreters dressed in period attire. 

Available Programs

Basic Programming Package:

Two programs which can be chosen from our Programming Guide (link above),            a 20-minute orientation film highlighting the Battle of Brandywine and other pertinent information, and a house tour (Washington’s HQ or Gideon Gilpin home).  
Rate per student: $8.00 

Colonial Day Program:

Designed for larger groups. Includes 6-8, 25 minute rotating stations with different period interpreters. Included as a station is our orientation film with the gift shop as an optional station as well.  
Rate per student: $12.00

For Reservations and Bookings Contact:

Yes! Programming is available 7 days a week.

Yes, Outreach Programming is available.  Contact us to find out how we can visit you!

Required time for Basic Programming is 2-3 hours.  

Colonial Day Program 3-4 hours.

We require 1 Chaperone for every 10 students.  

Also, for every 10 students, 1 free Chaperone is permitted.  After this ratio is fulfilled, additional Chaperones will be required to pay the normal student rate.

Yes, special tours lasting more than 3 hours with additional programs will have an increased fee per student.

Additional Information

  • Programming is typically scheduled Tuesday through Thursday.
  • Email our Education Coordinator at bbpaeducationdirector@gmail.com  for questions about the program stations.
  • Required time for Basic Programming is 2-3 hrs, Colonial Day Program 3-4 hrs.
  • One adult chaperone is required for every 10 students.
  • For every 10 students one free chaperone is permitted. After this ratio is fulfilled, additional chaperones will be required to pay normal student rate.
  • All Programs/Colonial Days/Driving Tours should be scheduled at least one month in advance before the intended visit date.
  • Upon arrival, group leaders must report to the Reception desk at the Visitors Center for payment of fees and distribution of tour schedules. Please help us keep our picnic areas free of litter by ensuring trash is thrown away at the proper receptacles. Be sure to ask for trash bags if needed.
  • Rain dates are subject to availability.
  • Bus drivers are welcome to join tour groups at no extra charge.
  • Bringing siblings is not encouraged. If they attend, the usual student rate will be charged.
  • No cell phones or personal electronic devices allowed during school visits.
  • No eating, drinking, or chewing gum is permitted in the Visitors Center or historic houses on site
  • Picnic area is availiable for lunch.
  • Museum gift shop is available to students if time permits.
  • Additional questions? Don’t hesitate to call us!
  • Outreach programming is available. Contact us to find out how we can visit you!
  • Why was the Battle of Brandywine so important and how did it fall into the big picture of the American Revolution?
  • Why are George Washington and Lafayette honored as heroes?
  • What did the common soldier endure during the American Revolution?
  • How did the Battle of Brandywine impact the local population and the Brandywine Valley?
  • Why is it important to preserve old structures and historic landscapes?

These questions and many others will be answered during our interesting and interactive programming designed to enable students to develop new historic perspectives and understandings. Interpreters in period clothing lead students through a series of discovery-oriented activities at various locations inside our park grounds for a true “Revolutionary” experience.

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