Republic and Empire Scroll down to Brandywine for this 12 minute podcast.
Teacher Tube Video of reenactment at Brandywine Battlefield Park.
History is Now Episode 3 of American Revolution History.
C-SPAN One hour talk by Bruce Mowday on the Brandywine of Brandywine.

On iTunes under Podcasts tab is Society & Culture with History as subheading.
Revolutions by Mike Duncan, Podcast Episode 2.7 Crossing the Delaware. A half hour podcast.

American Military History Podcasts has a four part podcast on Brandywine starting with
Episode 034 Buildup to Brandywine
Episode 035 Battle of Brandywine Part 1
Episode 036 Battle of Brandywine Part 2
Episode 037 After Brandywine


Command Post Games have recently introduced their strategy board game Brandywine. Its described here: Brandywine.

Gamers now have The Battle of Brandywine Creek to play. It’s in the Empire: Total War game. See more here: Empire: Total War

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