Guided Battlefield Tours

Tour and Excursion groups from all over the country have visited the Brandywine Battlefield. Since the main park is only the site of the Continental encampment, visitors coming on a charter bus have the opportunity to have a well informed guide board the bus and guide them around the  various sites that encompass the massive landscape that of the actual battle grounds. 

Guided Battlefield Tours must have a reservation no sooner than two weeks ahead of their intended visit date. Call for details and pricing.

Military Staff Rides

Staff Rides for military personnel by our guides cover terrain, troop disposition and maneuver, strategy, communications, leadership, intelligence, and the fog of war. Call for details and pricing.

Guided Battlefield Tour Price

Group < 20 persons                $25/person

Group > 20 persons                           $400

*You are responsible for transportation on Battlefield Tours for your Group. The Brandywine Battlefield Park does not have tour buses on site*

What to Expect

Prior to going into the field, visitors will watch a 20 minute orientation film about the Battle of Brandywine, the Philadelphia Campaign, and 18th Century life in southeastern Pennsylvania.  There is no parking for motorcoaches on the battlefield.  The loop staff ride lasts about 1.5 hours with no stopping.  


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